Desperately Doodling is Back!

January 9, 2010

Hello, people from my past and present, but not future, yet, unless you are time travelers! Or possibly late in reading this. Whatever the case, at least two of you have mentioned the old church newsletter doodle to me in the last three years, since we were so disturbingly interrupted, so I’ve taken that (very slowly) as a sign that I should perhaps reemerge someday, somehow, from my silent cocoon, and flutter annoyingly about your faces a new creature with reassuringly old habits.

So here I am. Over the recent Christmas break I have been dragged moaning and whimpering into the 21st century, from my former life stuck somewhere between Jane Austen and the Beatles. Don’t get me wrong, I still commune with Jane and Paul on a regular basis, but a current, living and breathing-my-own-air friend convinced me to take a flying leap into cyber-reality through Facebook, my husband gave me an ipod for Christmas (which I actually requested) and my son-in-law just this very day suggested that I might want a blog, which I had been considering in the way back of my head for awhile. While I was contemplating this new sign that perhaps I should dwell on this idea some more, he commenced to setting up this little blank space just whispering to be filled up with doodleness.

The final sign that this was the time for my teeny weeny butterfly wings to pop out and dry off came at Starbucks. Being the non-coffee-drinking type, I had never been inside a Starbucks until today, which I know must boggle the minds of most of you thoroughly modern readers. But my daughters wanted to go and I was assured that there would be non-coffee drinks available for my consideration and consumption. So we went, and what should I see sitting stacked up on a table? Books titled *Doodle All Year*!!!

So there you have it. God has spoken. I’m going to doodle all year! Except I’m not sure yet how often or when the how oftens will occur. I’m awaiting further instructions. In the meantime I’m flapping my little wings into dryness, ready for flight.