January 31, 2013

Happy New Year a little late! This procrastination thing is beginning to become a habit, only not really, because I have had to wait a little while this month to post my entry on my brand spanking new website! My son-in-law handles all the technical details for me, or I wouldn’t be here at all, so when he says, “we need to set you up with a better website”, then I say okay. I hope you all enjoy the brand spankingness of it and the newness, too.** My son-in-law is quite the web design whiz, so if you ever need website help, I can give you his number.

And let me say a special Howdy to my fellow church members at Grace on the Hill! We’ve started up another newsletter and I’m Baaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk! Hope you can stand it! You may want to go back into the archives on my blog to catch up on the last three years, or you may be a little lost at first.

I am now cast free and my wrist is in fairly good working order. Now and then it speaks to me in a little voice that says, “Ow! Maybe you should think about not twisting me backwards quite that much”, but other than that and a little stiffness, I think I am going to live. And fortunately for you, (please do not grimace at this) I can still type!

You may be wondering how my month off from writing in December to contemplate the Lessons from the Broken Wrist worked for me. Don’t ask. You would think I could have kept my mind on being less Marthaish for a few weeks and possibly even experience a grand epiphany that would cure me for life. But no. As soon as the new year rolled around I was all about getting with the program of cramming as much into my schedule as ever. And guess what? My brain cannot handle that overload anymore. Either I am older and wiser, or just older and tireder. I haven’t decided which yet. Either way, I am back on the same old treadmill of trying to figure out how to manage my treatment for Crazy Brain.

Once again I am pondering my one word for the year, except this time my whole women’s Sunday School class is doing it together. We are going through the book My One Word, by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen, which is giving me more direction in this quest than I had last year when my word was Compose. I liked that word a lot, and I did grow a bit more composed in spirit, although not as much as I would have liked. This year I am having a struggle deciding. There are so many good words out there and I need to incorporate them all into my soul! At the moment I am contemplating this one word as my compass for the year:


I may have a slight problem actually remembering this word at critical moments when I need to whip it out and act on it in order to change in the way I would like. Plus I think there may be a rule against using compound words. I may have to move to Germany where long compound words are welcomed with much ardor. Or perhaps I should slash some of the compoundedness out of it. Yes, that’s the ticket! If anyone would like to vote on which part of the compoundedness I should keep, please feel free to leave a comment, call me, text me, email me, or stop me at church and tell me face to face–whatever works for you. Sometimes I need a little help from outside-my-head observers!

Here’s a little story from this week in Nannydom that gave me one of the elements in my grand word. The kids and I had arrived home from school and I told them both to gather up all their things to take inside. I did not want to find parts of their lives still in my car when I left to go home. The boy, who is 13, continued playing on his iPad, so I told him to please move his very heavy backpack off my purse so I could get out of the car. “I’ll break my arm again if I try to lift that thing,” I said.

He told me, “Ms. Debbie, I know you’re going to break your arm again sometime.”

What? WHAT? “Why would you say such a thing?” I asked.

He said, “Everybody knows you’re not the most stable person, Ms. Debbie.”

Well, that was a revelation. I thought I had managed to keep that little fact from a few people at least!

So there you go, out of the mouths of 13-year-olds and straight into the annals of hysterical laughing fits. Hope you all enjoy the blessings of mid-winter, whatever they are for you. Come back in a few weeks and we’ll talk again!

**You may or may not be viewing this on the brand spanking new website. It depends on when you see it, I think, since I am posting this before I have been officially moved. So in this case, procrastination on your part may actually be beneficial!