July 31, 2014

“Holy Momentous Month, Batman! Jumpin’ Junebugs in July! Gracious Grinnin’ Grits-n-Gravy! Batman, how are we ever going to move on to August after a month like this?”

“First, we calm down a little, Girl Wonder. Then we write a very random Doodle for the dear people out there who are nearly comatose from bating their breath for so long waiting to read it. You really should try to do better about that procrastination thing.”

“Holy Time Constraints, Batman! Go back to your Batcave and leave me alone! I need to get on with revealing the momentous moments of this month!”

**Random Momentous Moment #1:**
JOY, JOY, JOY! There’s nothing, NOTHING, better than having my three daughters in the same place at the same time together (preferably with me there also.) This happened twice this month. TWICE!! First on the Fourth, I was surprised by my Chicago daughter, Erin, appearing with her nephew from beneath a blanket on the couch of my oldest daughter, Amy. I had expected to see youngest daughter, Carly, under there since she had been doing an internship with Amy and her husband. WHAT?? That was probably one of the greatest surprises of my life! We had a glorious day and Erin was with us the rest of the weekend.

**Random Momentous Moment #2:**
Another hugely unbelievable surprise bowled me over a few days later. I won the big prize in the NFSPS annual poetry contest that I have been entering for fifteen or more years. In the grand scheme of life, this is not that important, but for me personally, it screams EXCITEMENT in my head every other minute! My goal for the last few years has been to win a first place in some category of this contest, and I have fantasized about winning the big one, because I like to fantasize about that sort of craziness. NEVER did I expect it would happen in reality. This leaves a bit of gaping hole in my fantasy life, but no worries! I’ve moved on to dreaming more purposefully about checking out my own book from the local library, some day soon, I hope.

**Random Momentous Moment #3:**
Carly made it to Ireland and back on her study abroad trip. Anytime any one of us makes it anywhere safely I consider it a momentous moment, especially if flying is involved and especially if that flying happens over large bodies of water. Actually successfully driving or riding bikes or walking or skating or traveling by bus or train earn momentous points also. Come to think of it, anytime anyone I know moves out of the seat next to me, I go on alert. And when anyone arrives home safe and sound with a smile and tales to share, well, that’s a reason to rejoice and praise God!

**Random Momentous Moment #4:**
Carly and I had planned a road trip to Chicago to visit Erin as soon as Carly made it home from Ireland, and then Amy worked it out so that she could come with us! Another three days with all three daughters!! It was a full three days of seeing as many sights as we could with our big city girl navigating. We walked and walked and took buses and trains and even hailed a cab once! We visited the Art Institute, Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo and surrounding area, Navy Pier (with half the population of Chicago on a Saturday fireworks night), Lincoln Square, Erin’s workplace, Garrett’s Popcorn, a not so famous pizza place when the famous one had a two hour wait, an afternoon jazz service at a downtown Presbyterian church, the Chicago river on a twilight cruise, and Erin’s neighborhood grocery store featuring all kinds of different-from-Corbin foods and live music. When we weren’t out and about we ordered non-pizza food delivered to us, installed a window air conditioner (the girls installed that while I expertly placed batteries in the remote), looked at pictures from the Ireland trip and tried to get enough sleep to get through the next day. Whew! We had a great time, even while standing on a street corner waiting on a bus at 1:00 in the morning trying to make it back from Navy Pier.

**Random Not-So-Momentous Moments #1-31:**
We’re still in a mess with the house project, although we may get some concrete soon. And garage doors and lights possibly. Maybe even some heat and air! Hubby made and painted all the window trim, the brick work is completed, and the walls of the room and garage are painted, so that’s something.

**Random Thoughts about the Random Momentousness:**
GOD IS GOOD!! The ever fewer times with my grown daughters makes each of those times more meaningful and precious.

Carly is a college senior now. That is both a brick of sadness and a feather of happiness. She will be off for good one of these days, but no more college payments will be a wondrous blessing!

Our now three month long, month-long house project has morphed into a not-so-random opportunity (since we chose to do this to ourselves in a moment of brain warpitooity) for growth in patience and marital bliss. Yes!
How great is that?

Big city life is exhausting, at least when trying to experience all of it at once, but it’s cool to see how so many people of different races, cultures, languages, belief systems, ages and personalities all swarm together and get along for the most part. I wouldn’t choose to live in a big city myself, but I do enjoy experiencing different places and people. The church service we attended was nothing like what we’re used to in our home churches, but the message was the same, and that always amazes me. People worship differently, but when we know the same God, we are united in the body of Christ and speak the same universal language of love and caring. That right there should make every moment momentous!

To the Batmobile! August awaits!