August 30, 2015

Most months my mind muddles morosely in a mushy morass of mundane muck. In less alliterative speech this means that rarely can I think of anything worthwhile to say when I sit down to write the Doodle. This month my brain boggles at the plethora of thoughts banging around up there like a toddler with some pots and a spoon! It’s giving me a headache!
So let’s just get on with it. . .

The grandchild of a close friend of mine was born suddenly at home at 27 weeks in mid-July. This little boy, who easily could have not made it past his first day, has absolutely amazed the doctors and nurses over the last six weeks as he has fought through several serious crises. Those of us close to the family have been sharing daily updates through texts, Facebook and emails, asking for prayer for little Connor. Many of those who have responded to my Facebook posts have no personal connection to this family at all. Some are my friends from high school that I haven’t even seen for forty years! And yet they have joined in with their prayers for this tiny baby, rejoicing with us as we’ve seen the hand of God working miracle after miracle through the gifted, loving, and prayerful care of the medical team at UK hospital in Lexington. How humbling it has been to be part of such an emotional roller coaster with Christians all over the country praying together as one.

And this little boy came into the world on the heels of those disturbing Planned Parenthood videos! I know this is another controversial subject, but I cannot wrap my mind around these two utterly opposite attitudes about the life of a child. I know all the arguments about a woman’s choice and the viability of a fetus, but I don’t get it. A life is a life, a baby is a baby, and either it’s valuable and precious or it isn’t. Sorting through tiny baby parts and talking about selling livers and brains and hearts to research companies like they’re just regular commodities makes me sick. Cheering on a little preemie, who has fought for his life every step of the way, does my heart good. The incongruity of the two side by side makes my head spin. We need more cheering for life and much less tearing it apart.

While all this business floated around in my head, I had a daughter finding a new, better paying job in Chicago and also searching for a cheaper place to live, all so she could be on better financial footing. She moved into her new place today. She rounded up friends to help her with the heavy lifting and even drove the rental truck herself! What an amazing young woman she has become! The other two aren’t bad either. How that happened still amazes me. Must be a God thing, because I’m pretty much a wimp when it comes to self-suffiency. Thankfully I’ve had a good man by my side for the last 37 years who can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, build furniture, paint walls, install wall tile and flooring, mow, catch all manner of critters and still smile at me when I get testy. I’ve been blessed abundantly.

Lastly I need to give a shout out to the ladies in my Sunday School class of the last several years. They have been a huge support and encouragement to me, helping me grow in my faith, as well as in my self-worth. I’ve learned and laughed so much with them inside and outside of class! I’ll be heading out to teach third and fourth grade Sunday School beginning in September, which is a good thing, but I will miss that weekly dose of female bonding.
Thanks, ladies!

And now off we go into a new week and a new month. May we be encouragers to everyone we meet!