December 20, 2015

This Doodle is coming way late for Thanksgiving, (I just wasn’t feeling it after attending the second funeral in KC this year at the beginning of the month and putting our bloodhound down the next week), but it’s coming just in time for Christmas.

Since I’ve written more than anyone would want to hear about all the sadness this year has brought to my family, I’m going to experiment with a little writing exercise called: Let’s Make a Merry Christmas Acrostic!

Magical, mystical day,
Eclipsing all others for those of us who
Regard the birth of a child in Bethlehem
Reverently, with joyful wonder and awe,
You open the door to heaven each year,
Christening the child once again–
Holy Son of God, Prince of Peace,
Reigning King of Kings,
Immanuel, God With Us–
Singing the melody of love
Triumphant to any who will come,
Miraculously accepting as truth
Annointed, this manger scene:
Salvation birthed in a stable.

That’s it for this year. But that’s all we need. Have a joyful Christmas and Happy New Year with those you love the most!