In The Betwixtness

June 29, 2017

Howdy and Hello from Doodleland! It’s summer! The birds are singing! The sun is shining not too hotly yet! The fireworks are just about to start popping! And the lame woman is walking without a crutch! Let us praise Jesus with all manner of vibrancy!! And just for the record, I do know how to spell “calamity.” That right there is how. But last month I spelled it “calamEty” in the Doodle title to emphasize the LAMEness of the poor, unfortunate Doodler. Since I didn’t explain that then, I thought I’d better explain it retroactively in case anyone has been grumbling all month about my leg lameness bringing on an appalling spelling lameness. I would hate for such grumbling to continue forevermore, so now it can stop, unless the grumblers are not reading this Doodle. In that case I cannot be held responsible.

Those of you who are no longer grumbling over the non-misspelling, have perhaps been wondering what I’ve been up to during my first month of retirement. Well, mostly I’ve been concentrating on becoming less lame. Thankfully that has happened. I would now call myself a walking experiment in endurance. I’m walking fine, not so much on steps, but on nice flat ground, but the legs start tiring out much sooner than I’d like. I’m attempting to work myself up to longer stretches on my feet. And while I’m up and about I’ve been working on clearing up some long ignored messes in the house. I now have tidy bins of organized wrapping paper, boxes, bows, and bags under the bed and what’s left of my craft items are under the window seat where the wrapping mess once caused me much frustration. I’ve hauled off some clothes out of my closet and I’ve worked a tiny bit on the hideous novel I’ve been writing haphazardly for quite some time. Hopefully one day I will be able to upgrade it from hideous to not too awful. And I’ve been doing crosswords, reading some good novels, watching Andy Griffith, and keeping Loosie the bloodhound company when she’s tired of chasing squirrels. What MORE could any introverted soul possibly want or need?

That’s the question I’ve been asking God lately. The answer may be blowing in the wind, but it’s also stewing and brewing in the inner depths of my spirit. I have lots of ideas about what I’d like to do during this new phase of life–learn to play piano, learn to draw and paint, write something better than awful, get involved in some kind of ministry that I can be passionate about, help more with my grandchildren, maybe learn some Greek or Hebrew, travel to places I’ve never been, and point people to Jesus in a way that fits my personality and God’s plans. Right now I’m just clearing out longstanding messes and waiting for my next assignment. It’s a bit freaky to this list-making planner, but it’s also exciting, knowing God always shows up with the answers right on time. So here’s to hanging around in the Betwixtness that cometh after Lameness and before God-revealed Moreness.

Here’s a photo guaranteed to leave you with a smile. My