The “R” Word

April 29, 2021

April has been interesting this year with blossoms, leafings, freezes, sunshine, snow, rain, lawn mowing, Kuss birthdays, and all manner of worldly weirdness. I cannot even believe we are heading into May already! Time is so crazy. Days fly by even when they drag. I think this has something to do with aging. Getting old is definitely mind-blowing! And I mean that in every possible connotation.

My dearly beloved and I are about to enter into a new phase of life. Who knew there were so many phases out there? We are moving into RETIREMENT! I’ve been there for a few years, but I never really had a career, just random jobs, the last one—nannying—the best. My husband, however, has had a 37 year career as a biology professor, which will be ending today. After the last year and a half of pandemic and other changes at the university, coming home exhausted and frustrated with more work to do, he no longer enjoyed his job. With some prodding from me and a lot of research into finances, he made the decision to say goodbye.

We are excited and a little fearful at the same time. It will be nice to be able to take trips any time of the year. We’ve never lived outside of a school calendar! He will enjoy having more time to search for live critters and plants in the Kentucky wilderness, play his banjo, do more woodworking, visit family, and slouch around during the middle of a week day if he feels like it. I will enjoy having a husband that doesn’t come home smelling like a dead, preserved cat several weeks during most semesters. I will also enjoy having some help with household chores. YES, this will be happening. I hope. Mercy! This will take some getting used to!

His greatest fear is we will run out of money. My greatest fear is how we’ll stand being around each other so much. He likes the TV on at all times. I like peace and quiet. He likes to clean up messes once a year. I like to keep things tidy at all times. He does things on the spur of the moment. I like to have a plan. He likes to be the boss. I like to be the boss. Hmmm. This new phase will not be boring. Pray for us!

Congratulations to Bret on 37 years of impacting the lives of thousands of students! If you ever need to know anything about anatomy, histology, embryology, ecology, plants, birds, places to find salamanders or any other amphibians or reptiles, contact Bret. He knows everything.