Hodgepodgical Ruminations

September 30, 2021

Hey peeps! In case you have a vision of me sitting on a farm, ruminating like a cud-chewing cow, I want to make it perfectly clear that you are wrong. I am ruminating in the deep thoughts sort of way while I chew chocolate, but that’s as close as I am to being cow-like—at least right this minute. Thirty-seven years ago I was about to enter into a milk cow-like existence as my first itsy baby, Amy, came into the world on October 1, 1984. Mercy! I feel a tad ancient.

Anywhooo, let’s move along. Since I mentioned Amy, I’d better mention the other two former milk chuggers, Erin and Carly. I missed Daughter Day, probably because every day is some kind of celebration of various people, foods, music, flowers, or creatures. I can’t keep up with all of that! Rather than just ignore my beautiful daughters, I choose to honor them here in this Doodle, instead of lumping them in with all those other daughters out there. Amy, Erin and Carly are my greatest joy and they make me very proud for surviving their crazy mother to become kind, independent, creative and brilliant young women. We’ll all be together this weekend digging holes in Amy’s yard to help her plant I don’t know what for her birthday, as per her request. She is definitely her father’s daughter!

The next hodge in this month’s Doodle podge also involves a daughter. She is not my biological daughter, but I helped raise her for ten years as her nanny, so yeah, she has a part of my heart. And she likes to tax my brain with the same plea her brother used on me a few years ago— “Mrs. Debbie, could you help me with an essay I have to write?” And yes, of course, I can and will! Don’t get me wrong, here. I do not write these papers for her or any of the other assorted peeps who ask me. I simply attempt to facilitate the process with some suggestions, grammar checks, and lots of laughter. I so enjoy participating in these painful endeavors! Does this mean I’m agathokakological? If you don’t know, ask Grace for the definition.

If I were writing an essay for English class, this would be my third supporting paragraph, but since I don’t have a thesis statement in my intro, or the first two paragraphs supporting that non-thesis, I can write whatever I want in this paragraph. Such wondrous freedom reigns in the Doodle World! Therefore, I shall talk about the little vision of a hedgehog that comes into my head whenever the word “hodgepodge” invades my brainwaves. Not that my brainwaves are invaded by “hodgepodge” all that often (I’m not that weird), but since I had nothing all encompassing to write about this month, “hodgepodge” became the prevailing thought that guided my endeavor. And with “hodgepodge” came that scampering little hedgehog. So cute. So totally the spirit animal of this Doodle!

In conclusion, since I need to have a concluding paragraph, I wish you all many daughters (biological or not), an essay or two to write, a cud-chewing cow, only if you really want one, and a hodgepodge of cute little hedgehogs cavorting through your brainwaves!