Wedding Moosieliciousness!!

March 30, 2022

Happy crazy month of March! Flowers have budded and been frozen. We’ve had lovely 70ish days, rain, snow, ice, wind, and tornado possibilities. I think March is the cruelest month, rather than April, as T.S. Eliot stated at the beginning of The Wasteland, but then I don’t think he was actually talking about the weather. Although this March has been quite Marchish weather-wise around here, it has been rather special for the Kusses.

A couple of weekends ago, Bret, Carly, Erin and I attended the wedding of Erin’s bestie. Erin was two years old when I kept Laura during week days while her parents worked. They were quite the dynamic duo, playing dress up, baby dolls, let’s see how loud we can scream, and driving in Amy’s Barbie car. Laura did most of the driving, since my girls were afraid of it. Laura was the rambunctious “boy” I never had, and she became my fourth daughter before I had my third. If that confuses you, well, that explains a lot about my mental state at times.

Anyway, Erin was one of the maids of honor at the wedding in Columbus, OH. It was a lovely ceremony and a fun reception. We spent the night in a motel, and the next day we went on our own little family honeymoon to the Columbus Zoo, where we had visited a couple of times many years ago. This is a great zoo! All kinds of critters live there in very nice surroundings, including MOOSE!! Yes, my favorite animal can be seen up close and personal at the Columbus Zoo.

We headed straight for the North America section first thing, and met little Strawberry. She came to the zoo a few months ago from Alaska where she was discovered to be an orphan. Unfortunately, the big bull moose that used to be at the zoo died a couple of years ago, and the grown female, Bertha, who according to the internet still lived at the zoo, was not anywhere to be seen. So we spent half an hour or so visiting with Strawberry. She munched on twigs, wandered around, and took a couple of short swims in the pond. Some honking geese landed in her little pond once and scared her. Bless her heart! I told her how pretty she was and how much I love moosies and wished I could pet her. It was a glorious visit!

We decided to move along to visit other creatures. About fifteen minutes after we left Strawberry, a warning blasted over the loudspeakers. “The Zoo is in lockdown! Everyone go inside a building until further notice! A moose has escaped the enclosure!” And what did my family do? All three of them immediately looked at me like I had something to do with it, and Erin said, “Mommy! You made her want to go home with you! She’s trying to find you!” What can I say. I’m a Moose Magnet and I’m perfectly happy about that!

May your days be filled with moose and mousse (which I also enjoy) until we meet again.