NovemDecemary: The Lazy Has Arisen!!

January 30, 2023

The Doodler took a little three month break. “Why”? you may be asking yourself. “Have you been working on your great American novel?” is certainly your next question. Well, not so much. A little bit here and there. And it’s more along the goofy line, rather than the great. I’m sure that’s no surprise to you. “Well, what were you doing all that time, Ms. Doodle noodle?” I was knitting sheep and preparing for the Christmas onslaught at my house. I was a tad busy, and when I wasn’t, I was exhausted and busy in my head. You may be wondering how I could knit sheep. It was hard. It was slow. But it was fun in a hard, slow way. Some were sold at our Christmas craft fair at church, and others were stocking stuffers for the Kuss girls and grands.

The Christmas onslaught occurred during the four days of brrr chilly below zero weather we experienced over Christmas week. We had six adults, three children, three dogs and a cat sharing our little ranch house together. Since none of the animals get along well, we had to keep them separated, letting one out at a time to commune with us, or go outside, while our bloodhound remained in jail behind a moveable gate in the living room. It was wild. It was noisy. It was wonderful!! The two grandsons were exceedingly excited about pranks, so we had a Prank Wars Christmas. I was frequently the recipient of whoopee cushion noises exuding from my seat. From there, the pranks went viral and we entered into combat, with vaseline on doorknobs, weird creatures in the bathtub, dressed-up stuffed animals in beds, and interesting foods in odd places. The daughters kept track of successful pranks on our kitchen white board, with ten-year-old Charlie barely beating out Erin as the Prankster Extraordinaire.

This month I have been recuperating. And also being lazy. And hoping for snow. And thinking about writing a Doodle, which I have now accomplished right in the nick of time. Happy birthday to me!! My gift from Bret was a beautiful shed moose antler he found on eBay!! Maybe I will get back on track with a monthly Doodle now. Or maybe not. I shall leave you panting with anticipatory consternation on that one!