Eclipsulation and Other Less Exciting Episodes in the Land of Doodledom.

April 8, 2024

As I sit here in the sunroom at 5:00 on Eclipse Day afternoon, the sun is shining brightly. During the eclipse, our skies were cloudy. Bret and I sat on our patio watching the shadows turn weird and the light dim a little. It seemed like early evening for about twenty minutes. Then the clouds moved on and we were back in a normal spring afternoon. Not all that exciting, since we didn’t bother driving somewhere more eclipsey with special glasses. We are old and boring. Our girls enjoyed more exciting experiences closer to eclipse totality, and with those special glasses perched on their noses. Aaaah—youth! There will be another eclipse in twenty years. I’m sure if we live that long we will get our act together and go for the whole eclipsey cheese ball! And if we don’t live that long, we’ll have an angel’s eye view from heaven! Woohoo!

In other news, my house is disgusting. I’ve lost my cleaning mojo. Why work so hard when the dust and grime will be back within a week or two? I keep up with the laundry and dishes and cook once in a while. That should be enough, but unfortunately it is not. Loosie, the sweet bloodhound, makes a lot of mess that she can’t clean up herself without making more mess, so it’s either clean up after her or just live with it. I choose to live with it more than I should. Bret doesn’t notice mess. He is blessed that way.

This is a sort of happy adventure I’ve been involved in for several years: I’m working on a novella—v e r y s l o w l y. Writing is harder than cleaning my house, so I put it off, and read other people’s books, which I enjoy immensely. Reading is so much easier than writing! But ugh! There’s some kind of chewing bug in my brain that insists that I write a book and get it published before I go to heaven. I bet writing books in heaven is a whole wadsworth easier than writing them here on earth. Nevertheless, I shall soldier on and see what happens. Maybe I should try dusting after each paragraph I write! Multitasking Mania!