Style Guide

For normal paragraphs, just leave one blank line between each paragraph. They will turn into the lovely blocks of text that you see in all of your doodles. Don’t indent!

For headings, you use \# symbols at the beginning of a line:

# \# Put 1 for the first heading type

## \#\# Put 2 for the second heading type

Just use regular dashes for lists:

– \- Item 1
– \- Item 2
– \- Item 3

Or numbers for numbered lists:

1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3

**For bold text**, put \*\*two asterisks\*\* on either side. *For italic text*, put \*one asterisk\* on either side. For links, put the words you want to use as the link in [square brackets], and put the URL in (parentheses) right after. So, \[this\]\(\) turns into [this](

For things[space][space]
With line breaks[space][space]
Use two spaces[space][space]
After each line

You can also have blockquotes:

> \> Blockquotes could be used to highlight quotes, poems, or scripture. If you use line breaks,[space][space]
> \> then make sure to include the \> symbol at the beginning of each line.

> \> You also need another \> if you start a new paragraph.

> # \> \# You can put headings, too

> ## \> \#\# Both 1 and 2

> \> And then maybe some more text afterwards.

For a line, just put \-\-\-. It will look like this:

And that’s about it!