The Himification of Hissification

January 28, 2012

The happiest of new years to all of you Doodlemaniacs out there! No matter what the Mayans had in mind when they ended their calendar with 2012, which I personally think was just a matter of getting tired and moving onto other things when they hit the nicely turned 12/21/12 (“Hey, Nodi, look at this number! Kind of a nice way to end it, don’t ya think?” “Yes, Boba. Please, let’s do something else for a change. Couldn’t we try going out for lunch and a pottery class?”), I’m hoping for a better year than ever. And that includes writing more convoluted and impossible to punctuate sentences than ever for the sheer fun of it!

Now then, let’s get down to serious business. Have you chosen a WORD for the year yet? That is the latest trend in eliminating New Year’s resolutions, that are oh so difficult to keep, by calling them something less intimidating, like a WORD. One, namely I, cannot go into a new year without the firm determination to become a completely new woman. I mean, really, who wants to go into a new year as a completely old woman? That would be especially depressing for a man, I suppose, but I’m not here to solve the problems of men! Or even women, for that matter! The best I can do is attempt to solve the problems of one old woman, but since she isn’t here at the moment, I have to settle for working on myself. (Bear with me people. I’m writing this before noon, which means I am not fully awake, and therefore totally irresponsible for what comes out.)

So after much agonizing, and trying to let the WORD come to me by waiting patiently for at least a couple of weeks, all the while ruminating over a long list of extremely cool WORDS that could so bring my soul into harmony with everything and everyone around me, praying for God to please get this show on the road and just give it to me, for pete’s sake, as he whispered PATIENCE in my ear, to which I said, “Are you kidding me, God? We both know that is the one word anyone with any sense would never choose because we all know where that one would lead”, that I finally settled (aren’t you glad?) on the gloriously multi-dimensional COMPOSE! Yes, dear readers, I am venturing out on a journey “to free from agitation” my desire “to create by mental or artistic labor” by “arranging in proper or orderly form” all the components that “form the substance of” my life. This word is so perfect for all my obsessive neat freak and task oriented to-do lists as well as my inner creative urges!

But ha! I am learning already that COMPOSE is just this side of PATIENCE on God’s word scale, evidently, because every stinkin’ day since choosing that word I have been smacked in the face with some annoying pestilence of frustrating irritation threatening my freedom from agitation!! Contrary to my internal fantasy about this whole word thing, I am not suddenly perfectly capable of getting through all my to-do lists for the day or keeping my COMPOSure when freakazoid aggravations insert themselves into my well-oiled schedule, or creating great poetry or baby blankets in the midst of the non-composed chaos of life. Strangely, God has a way of taking the plans I have for changing myself (which I admit involved pretty much me becoming an even more Debbieish Debbie, rather than a different Debbie) and evolving them into His plans for changing me little by little into what He created me to be. And what he created me to be, from the evidence of the last couple of weeks, must be someone who is better able to handle disruptions in plans, who will remain COMPOSED when dealing with children and all manner of disturbing humanity, who will put aside the to-do lists in order to be creative and then put aside the creativity in order to meet the needs of people, who will be less concerned with what gets done and more concerned with who needs help, and someone who will be less hissified and more Himified.

Mercy! What a way God has of using our puny little schemes to further His grand scheme! This could be a long year on the COMPOSED learning curve for me. I hope all of you out there will remind me, when you see me about to DECOMPOSE, that God is watching and waiting for me to Himify. Really, people, help me!

Next month–a book recommendation and maybe a baby! And possibly something I can’t actually plan on at this point in time.