All About Charlie

March 19, 2012

Dear faithful Doodlicious readers, please forgive the gaping hole in Doodledum in the month of February! I’m afraid I lost my mind for awhile awaiting the birth of my first grandson. It never occurred to me that becoming a grandmother would bring out the nesting instinct almost as strongly as when I has hatching my own daughters. But boy howdy, when February hit I went into my own version of March madness a month early! I knitted frenziedly on the blanket I had been ever so slowly working on for several months. And I cooked and froze meals for the impending little family. And I packed a bag for my week long stay after the birth, which required washing and replacing the same clothes over and over for two weeks! You may be wondering why I kept wearing the same clothes I was planning to take with me, as anyone with any smarts would. The truth of the matter is I had eaten myself into a state of empathetic fatness that left me with few articles of clothing big enough to fit my once (a long time ago) respectably-sized hips and thighs. And through all that crazy mania I still had to live my regular life with only a tiny piece of my brain still functioning in the real world!

Then the glorious day of Charlie’s birth finally arrived–on one of the worst tornadic days to hit Kentucky in years! My little grandson may have just a touch of his grammy’s dramatic streak in him. He certainly knows how to make an entrance! Anyway, that whole long day was just chock full of anticipation and stressification as we hunkered down in the hallways during tornado warnings, posted updates on the goings on by Facebook, text and email, and wandered around in a daze hoping the baby would just come already. And finally he did! At 11:24 p.m. on March 2, 2012, Charlie Emerson Davis was born healthy and cuter than any other baby this grammy has seen since her own little daughters were born. He weighed in at 6 pounds even, 18 inches long. Such perfect joy happens only a few times in life and I’m so blessed to have experienced it again! I must admit, however, that by the time we made it to bed that night I felt like I had given birth myself–my body hurt all over, I was exhausted and my brain was foggy.

After sharing little Charlie with his aunts and uncle and Grampy Kuss and the other set of grandparents over the weekend, I was thrilled to be able to stay the whole next week to cuddle the little guy in between feedings, diaper changes and doctor appointments to monitor his jaundice. Oh and I cooked some and ran a few errands, but they don’t count much. The cuddles are what counted. Now it has been a whole week since I’ve seen him and he has already grown a whole half pound and an inch! Next weekend we’re going back to get a dose of baby goodness again and to give little Charlie another ride on the Grammy roller coaster! I can hardly wait!!

So what great lessons did I learn through this wondrous event? You knew I would have some, didn’t you?

1. God is way too good to me. He’s way too good to all of us.
2. Babies are the best invention God ever thunk up!
3. Boys can be just as cute and lovable as girls. Who knew?
4. Babies are so worth getting fat and stressed and crazy and exhausted over, although it probably isn’t entirely necessary for a grandmother. The whole COMPOSE word-for-the-year thing certainly flew out the window for a couple of weeks!
5. Seeing my daughter being a mommy is sweeter than I can put into words.

Maybe next month I’ll have something else to talk about, but then again, maybe not. Have a happy rest of March!