August 21, 2013

What. In. The. World! I have now joined the masses of people who use periods after single words to show emphasis. I don’t know how I feel about that. Part of me, the part that earned a degree in English by not writing fragmented sentences with periods at the end, as if they were real, acceptable sentences, much less single words in a series interrupted by periods, screams WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! The other part of me, the one who also learned that the creative side of one’s writing should never be hindered by grammar editing, at least in the initial draft, and that once the rules of grammar have been thoroughly learned, they may be broken by certain writers with the pizzazzy voice to pull it off, says hey man, no problema, go with the flow of popular culture and groove with it. Obviously that part of me is still stuck in the 70s, but never mind. The other other part of me vacillates between the two in a nervous twitchy kind of way, which makes the first two parts rather queasy. So I don’t know whether to continue life as I once knew it or become a dramamine addict to get through my days.

And that, dear readers, probably leaves you wondering if that came out of the blue because the Doodlemeister is struggling to come up with something to say this month. You would be wrong about that for the most part. I simply lacked a better way to introduce another Random Thoughts of Weirdness post to the annals of Doodledom. Now that they have been randomly and weirdly introduced, let’s get on with them.

Last month I could not remember the brilliant Doodle idea that had come over me at some point while driving. Well, I remembered it just days after posting my blog, because as we found out last time, God wanted me to write something else and clouded my mind for a bit. Now that I’m on the other side of the clouds, the idea seems rather wimpy, even though the experience was quite traumatic. **I lost a whole half year’s worth of writing exercises I had for once in my life consistently completed!** I also lost all my many passwords that I cannot for the life of me remember on my own! These were all on a Notes app I had been using since the first of the year, and suddenly the two most important “notes” just disappeared overnight. My first reaction was, “My life is over”; my second reaction was, “Well, maybe not my whole life, but my writing life is over”; and my third reaction was “I can’t stand technology that tosses my most precious me-ness into the chasm of Cyperspace!” For a couple of weeks I moped around in my head with other mopey imaginary people, until one day I happened to mention it to my oldest daughter, which is when I remembered that’s what I had planned to write about a few days earlier. She said, “You should tell Chris”, who is her husband. Let me tell you, within minutes that guy had found my lost everythings (buried within my email trash, which is not where I put them), placed them back where they belonged and set up the app to automatically transfer everything to icloud so they would never, ever be lost again! **He is the best son-in-law I’ve ever had!** Originally I had planned to make spiritual connections to the loss of treasured possessions, dreams and goals, but that was before I regained them! Now the story is just a random thought to relay to you, so that you know when something disappears it can probably be found by someone who understands where to look.

Here’s a thought I’ve pondered for several years, but my husband thinks is not worth a doodle. I think God is like a gas. He is dispersed over the whole earth with one molecule of Him in each of us who know Him. When we gather together, our individual God molecules are concentrated and the scent is stronger than it is when we are all spread out. The power is also stronger as our molecules come together in prayer and worship. The more of us that meet together, the bigger the explosion when we are ignited as a concentrated mass of God molecule gas! KABOOM! Holy Spirit power!

School is back in session! Let us praise the God who watches over nannies!
And mommies who have sent a child off to college once again! (This is an example of an acceptable fragment from the voice of an old mommy.)

Let us also praise God for providing a certain nanny who is not squeamish about certain crawling critters to protect the sanity of a certain mother who would freak out if she saw what I saw the other day. I was doing the laundry at the house where I work. I opened the dryer to empty it out and decided to clean out the lint trap first. This is a front loading machine so the lint trap is just inside the door of the dryer. I cleaned it out and as I started to insert it back into its slot, I noticed something odd looking lying on top of the clothes right there in the front. It looked suspiciously like a little body of some sort. I bent over to look closer, and sure enough, a skink missing its tail was laid out in the death position, looking very peaceful. I picked it up and it wasn’t the least bit dried up. It felt just as supple and smooth as a live lizard, but it was definitely dead or it would have been wiggling and trying to get away, or at least that’s what I hoped, because I didn’t really want to try doing CPR on him. His little amputated tail was lying on top of the basket of dirty towels directly under the dryer door. I carried the poor little adventurous guy and his tail over to show the eight year old girl who did not squirm a bit, since she has been exposed to my critter catchings many times over the last five years. Into a baggie he went to bring home to the man who has made me what I am today–one of the few women on the planet who would not scream and call 911 when a lizard dies in the dryer vent and appears before her on the clean clothes. Thank you, husband, for that miracle of our 35 years together! I will pray for you dear readers out there who will now be trembling with dread as you clean out your dryer lint traps from now on. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Fragments, lost cyberpossessions, God gas, children off to school, lizard in the dryer–how many more random thoughts does one Doodle require? None.

Farewell and have a great September!