June 26, 2016

# Hello from the other side!

“The other side of what?” you might ask.

# The other side of a love gone bad?


Nope. That’s still percolating along after nearly 38 years. We still look like this–in our dreams, anyway.

# The other side of the world?


No, I’m still here in Kentucky, only it’s not autumn right now, but I like this picture.

# The other side of crazed puppy training?


Unfortunately, that will be continuing for longer than any human can stand it.

# The other side of normality?


No, everything’s just as normal as ever!

# People, it’s the other side of June, of course! That means it’s time for another visit to Doodleville!

The applause is deafening. Please try to control yourselves! June has been rather tame around here, except for the wild puppy business, which makes up for all the tame lameness in the rest of our lives. Mercy, we had forgotten how intense a new baby can be, and this is one we can put in a crate when we leave or need some sleep. New parents of people babies, I salute you! I vaguely remember how absolutely exhausting that was, mostly because I was too exhausted for my brain cells to absorb much of it.

July, however, is stacking up to be a holy wingding of a month for me and mine! First off, I’m driving to Chicago with the third daughter to visit the second daughter over the Fourth of July weekend. WHAT? Yes, a girls’ weekend in the big, big city! The next weekend my dearly beloved and I are traveling to Cincinnati to see PAUL (that’s McCartney, for those not in the know on my obsession) for the fifth and probably final time (not because he will ever stop touring, but because, well, there’s really no good reason not to go again if he comes close to us in the future. What am I thinking???) OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!! This excites me no end!!!!!!

Then towards the end of the month the whole fam will be taking a REAL VACATION at the beach! I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a real vacation, at least not one that may actually be mostly relaxing, rather than jam-packed with activities, because when we took vacations in the past, they were so rare we had to do as much as possible while we had the chance. This one might actually be full of lying about reading or making sand castles, I don’t really know, since I’ve never spent more than a day or so at a beach. And what else is there to do when there’s a bunch of sand and water around? I don’t even know. This does not compute in my brain at all. Will I be able to do it? Relax, that is? I should finish my novel with so much time on my hands! But no, I will have grandchildren to play with and keep from being washed out to sea!! Heavenly days, heavenly days.

Speaking of books, I now have a link to the place where my first book of poetry, *Heaven and Earth* may be purchased for any of you who may be interested. I’m sorry to say I have to charge $20 because of the color photography. The next book will be black and white, and less expensive, I hope. Anyway, you can go to the link right [here.](

Because of all the coming hoopla, July may be a Doodleless month. I could try writing it on the beach, but if I shouldn’t be working on my novel, I probably shouldn’t be doodling. We’ll see how the flow flows and the waves break and the sand shifts. Happy Summer everyone!