October 29, 2016

While contemplating what I should write about this month, the thought occurred to me that we haven’t heard from the Cerebralspasm sisters in at least a decade, which means most of you reading this have just scratched your head and said, “Huh?” Even those of you who have been a part of Doodledom from way back when this started as a column in my church’s newsletter probably don’t remember the Cerebralspasm Sisters, otherwise known as the Gag Me Sisters, Nellie and Lulu. These two live in my head, often arguing back and forth about whatever’s going on up there. Thankfully I can tune them out most of the time, but once in a while I like to hear what they have to say about certain topics. With only a few days left in this contentious election season, I felt it might be interesting to check in with the girls and see how they’re interpreting the issues and candidates.

“Lulu! Lulu! Where are you, dear sister?”

“I’m hiding, Nell. Don’t even try to find me.”

“Hiding? You’re in the Doodler’s brain. It’s not that big! You can’t hide from me.”

“But Nellie, dear, my hair is a fright from me yanking on it so much lately, and I don’t dare show myself,” Lulu whined.

“Lulu, don’t be a dingbat! Have you seen the Donald’s hair? He gets out and about with his oddity of hair all the time, and lots of people love him! They flock to hear him speak and they cheer and carry on!”

“Yes, but Nellie, lots of people don’t like him and they make fun of his hair, which really seems a bit childish, don’t you think?”

“I suppose it is, but have you noticed how they also make fun of the other candidate, Hillary whatshername, and how much she smiles and wags her head while trying to avoid questions?”

“It’s a bit of a shame, isn’t it sister, that so much time and energy has been spent on badmouthing the candidates? And our sweet Doodler has to choose between those two? They both have some serious issues clogging up the electoral arteries! A major national stroke or spasm of some kind is just around the bend!”

“Now, Lulu, get ahold of yourself! Have you forgotten that we have had many major issues in the past, and yet, our glorious nation of freedom and opportunity has continued to hold together and move forward anyway? Why do you think that is, sister?”

“Good luck and super glue?” Lulu ventured.

“No, silly!” Nellie responded. “It’s because we have allowed the system to work the way it was structured to work. We the people vote, and we the people accept the results of elections. Those voted in must then work together to make progress on whatever issues are facing our nation at the time. But most importantly, we the Christians uphold our nation and leaders in prayer. Ultimately God is our leader, and even if it seems that our nation as a whole is straying away from His good teachings, we must continue to walk in them and be His hands and feet here in the USA and wherever else He may lead us. He’s at work even when it may look like the world is swirling down the toilet.”

“Whoa, Nellie! You’re saying God’s got this, no matter what?”

“Yes, Lulu, God’s got this, weird hair, fake smiles, political poodidoo and all the rest!”

“That’s a relief!” Lulu sighed. “Maybe I can come out of hiding after all.”

So hang in there, peeps! Just a few more days and we will begin the journey once again of transitioning from one president to another, whoever that other may be. Let us pray for the mercy of the Lord to shower wisdom on our new leader as well as those serving in Congress and in all fifty states. And let’s do our best to work together in unity to forge ahead towards a strong and just nation and a more peaceful world.