March 31, 2018

Happy Spring to all you Doodlebrains out there! If only it would dry up and warm up, we could have us a Hallelujah Hoedown the likes of which we might never see again until we get to heaven. This has been a rather dreary winter. Too much gray, not enough snow to make anything pretty for long enough to sit down and enjoy it, just a bit too bleck. So let’s get on with spring, like right now! We need some flowers bursting forth without getting frozen off, and some grass to grow in the sloppy, oozing mud pits. Yes!

I don’t have much to say this month, and since I’m trying to BE this year, I planned to write whenever I had something burning within my innermost fireplace, instead of forcing myself to write on a monthly basis as I have been doing for lo, these many years. Guess what? Evidently my inner fireplace is lacking wood or charcoal or whatever it needs to scorch my brain cells into action, so I’m forcing it again this month. My writer self remains locked in the DO mentality. If I don’t Do it, the Doodle won’t Be here, and that could continue for who knows how long, so I just have to DO IT!

BEing is more complicated than it sounds. All those yoga types out there seem to have some kind of secret that I have not managed to discover yet. I’ve tried breathing deeply in weird positions, but so far all that’s done for me is make me dizzy and brought on totally inappropriate laughing fits. Then I get up and start DOing something more Debbieish, like sweeping the floor or throwing a load of clothes in the washer. I tend to go to sleep when I pray in a quiet spot, so I do most of that while I’m DOing housework or exercising or eating breakfast. HOPELESS could be my word next year if I don’t get a grip on this BEing thing.

Here’s a little happiness that has come my way during this first quarter of trying to BE. I’ve written a little parody to an old Frank Sinatra song to be my personal theme song for this year. You have my permission to sing along to the music for “Strangers in the Night”, although I’m not sure Frank would give permission if he could hear it. I can’t even do it correctly after listening to his song twenty billion times.

Strangeness in my sight:
I have new glasses.
Wondering which way’s right,
I’ll take my chances
that if I take a step
I won’t fall on the floor.

Something in my soul
says “Just try being,”
Something in my eyes
wants to be seeing,
Something in my mind
told me I must Go Dooooo!

Strangeness all around—
God must be working
strangely in my life
up to the moment when
I said, “Well, glory be!
This surely can’t be me!”

BE was just a pause away—
a slow and angstless
pause away.

And now that I’ve begun
to see some progress
I am somewhat stunned
to feel the difference.
It could turn out great
for Debbie Doodledooooooooo!


Hope you enjoyed this musical interlude. Farewell, from the bespectacled!