February 28, 2021

I have a confession to make. I pray for snow every winter. I pray that it will fall down from the sky upon my head and home in such a way that it will turn my little world beautiful for a few days. I love snow! And in small amounts, ice! There’s nothing more beautiful than a fresh snow covering the trees and grass and even the roads for at least a day. The silence that comes over the landscape makes me happy!

Please do not hate me for this. I know a lot of people would rather never see snow unless it is on top of a mountain they want to ski down on vacation. Many people do not like cold weather at all. Well, I enjoy a cold day! I can snuggle up in a blanket and read a book or knit or simply contemplate life on a cold day. And if it’s a snowy, cold day I can contemplate even better. I realize many people have to get to work no matter what may be happening with the weather and I sincerely pray for you all while I’m cozying up with my blanket. I don’t like to drive in snow any more than you do, and I have had to do that many times. Thankfully, I learned about how to do that in Driver’s Ed in high school back in Kansas City. It’s still scary, but at least I know to drive slowly but not to stop completely unless there is no choice, and then put the brakes on slowly. And I also know that bridges get slick first and black ice is a real thing, which some people don’t seem to understand.

This year the Lord kind of made up for ignoring my prayers of the last few years. We haven’t had a good snow here in this part of Kentucky in quite a while. But, Boy Howdy! We had a week of freezing rain, sleet, snow, even snow thunder in places. I feel awful for the people in Texas who have suffered terribly from their week of freakish snow storms. Many people have suffered in Kentucky as well. The power outages and slippery roads that people shouldn’t be driving on is what makes winter weather dangerous.

For me, the beauty of snow and ice makes up for the inconvenience, but that’s probably because I’ve never been terribly inconvenienced. I’m not working a job anymore, but even when I was, I could usually stay home or drive a short distance to get to work. I’m sorry for all of you who had to struggle through IcySnowMaggedon. Now that it’s over, maybe you can enjoy the beauty a bit more.