This and That and the Other Thing

November 30, 2021

Merciful heavens, people! It’s that joyous time of year AGAIN! I won’t bombard you with another Christmas-is-coming anxiety attack, or a weird poem about snow and jingle bells. I’ve thrown you all on that sleigh way too many times. I also don’t want to bore you with another sermon on thankfulness, or blubber-inducing feasts. It’s downright difficult to write something brand new and sparkling during the holiday season, since I’ve been doodling in some form for twenty years or so! Therefore, ergo, consequently and hence, I shall delve deep into the doodle psyche and see what I can dredge up.

Here’s something that thrills my soul! I recently, today actually, learned that my former high school composition teacher, Maryfrances Wagner, is the 2021-2023 Poet Laureate of Missouri! I have often thought of her over the years, wondering what had happened to her. I loved her class, learning how to write a 500 word essay with a good thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. She actually liked that I often wrote rather off-the-wall essays. I suppose she was as bored reading all those normal ones as I would have been writing them. I was thrilled to learn of her success as a poet with several books published. I’ve already pre-ordered her latest. I will forever be in her debt for the encouragement she gave me. I never could get up the nerve to answer questions in class, but I could write until the bell rang during essay tests. She as well as other beloved English teachers in high school and college helped me find my voice, when I was too shy to speak.

That was the This. What’s the That? Hmmm. I know! Hubster and I have been watching the Beatles Get Back documentary. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! It’s amazing how those guys worked together to write songs, tweaking the lyrics and harmonies and all that musical stuff I’m so ignorant about. And none of them could read music! I can read words, though, so I am reading, a little at a time, the two-tome Lyrics by Paul McCartney. Oh oh oh my soul! And yes, I know I’ve mentioned Paul in quite a few Doodles, but he is never boring, so get over it. Pray with me that he will come to Jesus, if he hasn’t already (who knows for sure?), because I need him to be singing in heaven when I get there!

On to the Other Thing. I bet you can’t guess what that is! Me neither. I’ll have to dredge something up out of the thinnest of air. Gasp, gasp, gaaasssppp. . . pffffftttt. . . Potpourri within potpourri! I’ve been reading the autobiography of Randy Travis, Forever and Ever Amen. He’s one of the few old time country music singers I actually enjoyed. We had a great Thanksgiving in Wilmore with all the girls, grands, and son-in-law. The two single girls spent a couple of days in Corbin, which was quite fun. I miss all those female hormones. Bret and I have been helping in the church food pantry on Mondays, which wears us out, but in a good way. I’ve helped with some more high school essays, which leads me into my concluding paragraph.

Writing rocks!!! It also strains the brain and brings on a need to listen to good music and possibly nap. Zzzzzzzzzz