Poodle Doodle

January 29, 2022

This is my birthday weekend, so I can write whatever I want, whether it makes sense or not, whether anyone reads it or not, and whether I actually finish this grand experiment or not. So there! I have a poem in my head, but I don’t know where it’s going, so I have decided to let you all in on my creative process. Aren’t you thrilled?

If I could Doodle like a poodle// I’d have to do it somewhere else// Since this contraption that I’m writing on// Is about to make me belch!// I cannot even make my thoughts// Line up correctly on this screen Because I lack the wherewithal// To use technology that’s so mean.

A poodle wouldn’t give a hoot// About the rhythm and the rhyme.// She’d simply woof and pant and cry// Until she felt sublime!// A poodle wouldn’t care about// The way the lines looked on the page. She’d simply let her deepest thoughts// Fly out from her brain cage!

A Poodle Doodle would be so fun!// No angst about the form!// Just happy thoughts of food and sleep,// A doggie’s daily norm.// Oh, to Doodle like a poodle!// Such freedom from constraint!// I could write with pure abandon!// But a poodle I just ain’t.

There ya go! Not a single mention of the beautiful snows we’ve had and how happy that makes me in my birthday month. Just a little peek into the Doodler’s brain to get your first month of 2022 ended on a poetic note. If that’s what you want to call it. I call it Doodle Drivel!