Miscellany Noteworthy Juneish Happenings

June 30, 2022

I don’t know about you all, but June was a FULL month for the Doodler. Besides the regular household chores and joys, as well as the regular church happenings and duties, I experienced a plethora, (Yes, I said PLETHORA) of bodily appointments, miles in the car, tiring brainwaves writing up meeting minutes, and familial fun. Continue reading for the joyous details!

We took a little trip to Arkansas to see Bret’s parents and brother and sister-in-law. Four six hour days on the road and four days there made for an exhausting, but nice trip. It was good to see Jack and Arnita in their new assisted living place. Mark and Missy were great hosts for us in their lovely home, and we enjoyed the beautiful Arkansas scenery, which is much like Kentucky. We also brought home with us some items that Jack and Arnita didn’t have room to take to their new home, including a doll for each of us females from Arnita’s collection. Our granddaughter, Poppy, loved the one we chose for her. During our travels, we stopped at the Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge in Tennessee, which is basically a swamp. I’m sure you all know how thrilling that sort of thing is to Bret. Thankfully we did not see any cottonmouth snakes, but we also didn’t see any sirens or amphiuma, which according to Bret would have been awesome. Oh well, there were lots of big birds and cypress trees with knees!

I was home for one day from that trip before traveling up to Lexington for a belated Mother’s Day weekend with my daughters. I stayed with Erin and Carly, with Amy coming over for one evening to join us for dinner and a board game. The next day Erin and Carly took me to downtown Lexington to the Farmer’s Market, where we bought Bret a Father’s Day plant of some sort, and then over to the Henry Clay estate for the Horse Mania exhibit. A whole bunch of horse statues painted by schools and businesses were on display. That was fun! We also went to the Peddler’s Mall, a huge indoor flea market. Mercy! I came away with some books (of course) and a pretty little pitcher and plate set. We also bought Bret a couple of other gifts: the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, and a jar of TOE Jam (tangerine, orange & elderberry). He was beyond thrilled. So beyond he could barely speak, which is not that unusual actually.

In the midst of all that, the first ever Grace on the Hill library Summer Reading Program began. I’ve been the church librarian for about four years now, with very little action happening in that room. I decided to bribe people to come in and check out books by offering prizes for the most pages read from CHURCH LIBRARY BOOKS. I placed little baskets of tiny toys, candy, and homemade bookmarks for children all around the room, and I’ve nearly dragged people in as they headed out after church. We’ve made some progress, but for some reason reading doesn’t excite everyone as much as it excites me. Go figure! I shall soldier on in my quest to imbue people with literary joy! I have had a thrilling time choosing books to buy and add to the library because. . . I just can’t help it. God made me this way and I enjoy being a book nerd!

That’s it for June! Have a happy July 4th!