Julgust: The Smushing of Hot Months into a Parenthetical Conundrum of Thoughts

August 30, 2022

Hey peeps! Did you miss me last month? Me neither. I’ve had a rather busy summer, so I ditched the July Doodle for a Julgust Doodle. (Actually, I kind of forgot to write one last month, since I spent the last two days of July going to Louisville for a wedding and then driving back, with a stop in Wilmore to visit with our girls and grands.) If I were a more committed writer I wouldn’t wait until the very last minute to splat my monthly thoughts upon the computer screen. (I almost said paper, but that doesn’t happen much anymore, does it?) I’m trying to be more committed, since I’m sort of working on a novella. (A novel requires way too many words for my insufficient commitment.) That whole commitment things tends to be difficult.

Are you enjoying all of my parenthetical thoughts and questions? (Yeah, me, too.) Obviously, I have very little to write about, but since I already missed one month, I can’t ignore another one simply because my brain is a vacuum right now. (That’s vacuum as in a totally empty space, not the vroom, vroom kind that picks up dirt.) So anyway, Bret and I attended the wedding of my formerly nannied boy, Grant, and his formerly non-nannied girlfriend, Makenna. This makes me feel quite old. (That’s actually what I am: OLD.) Anyway, the wedding was beautiful and Christ-honoring and the reception was lovely. It was also nice visiting with some people I hadn’t seen for quite a while. (All in all a great way to spend a weekend.)

July was full of flooding in Eastern Kentucky, and the month of August has just chugged along like a hot mess. (Here’s a parenthetical aside to go along with this month: My dad’s name was August Wilford, although he was called Fritz by family members and Pete by friends. I’ve been researching some on Ancestry.com and discovered that one of his great-grandmothers was named Augusta. So maybe that answers a question I’ve pondered for lo, these many years. Even my Grandpa, when he was frail and no longer able to recognize his own son, said “Somebody really hung a handle on you!” when Daddy told him his name.”

Mercy! Summer is not my favorite season. (All you sun lovers restrain yourself from smacking me with a pool toy, please!} In a few weeks, my favorite season will arrive with hopefully cooler temperatures and pretty leaves. (I am smiling now.) One exciting happening over the summer, however, occurred at church. We had our first Summer Reading Program!! (Yes, as the church librarian, I was inordinately excited about that!) People of all ages actually came into the church library and checked out books! And they read them! And they won prizes! (Yes, I used bribery to entice the masses to come in and use the library. I’m sure Jesus approved my tactic, because He knows reading is essential to enjoying a wise, joyful, informed, and stupendous life.)

And this concludes another walk through Doodle Land. I hope you have enjoyed the Julgust Tour! (Parenthetically speaking, of course.)