The Great Big Spring Birthday Bash!

April 30, 2023

Yesterday the Kuss family celebrated our annual spring birthdays, a little later than usual, but we got ‘er did! As last year, we congregated at Erin and Carly’s shared house in Lexington, since it’s easiest for Bret and me to travel up there, than for everyone else to come to Corbin. It was a fun time!

After a lunch of BBQ chicken sandwiches and slaw that Carly made, and chips and fruit that Amy and I brought, we celebrated with a really chocolatey cake from a bakery in Lexington. This year the ages of our birthday peeps—Erin, Bret, and Carly—added up to 130! It’s getting real around here people!

We also played some rather hilarious games and watched the groundhogs that live under Erin and Carly’s shed. Recently the girls discovered that Lenny, the groundhog that has lived there for a couple of years was actually a Linnie, since four cute baby groundhogs recently appeared from under the shed. They also have a baby rabbit hopping around in the yard. Who knows what other critters might be making a home in their rather woodsy fence line!

Erin’s dog, Ducky, and I had a happy little reunion for a few minutes while she was outside, Amy and Chris’s dog Mabelle and I hugged each other several times, and Carly’s cat, Marble, and I enjoyed our usual hissing contest. I am not her favorite. Actually Carly is her one and only favorite, bless her heart.

It was a great day! I miss my girl peeps living with us in Corbin, but I also enjoy the less hecticity (what a good non-word!) that Bret and I experience on our own. I’m grateful that we live within easy driving distance!

Maybe next month I’ll have something wondrous to say. Maybe not.