February 2, 2024

Merciful heavens! I have been a bit out of the doodling groove lately. I have no idea what happened in the last six months, so I will just skip them and move on to the present day. The title could possibly pass as Swedish, and since I have some Swedish ancestry, we’ll just go with that and pretend that the last six months were indecipherable!

I shall attempt to amuse you with partly true and partly not so true doodly doo. First off, didn’t we enjoy the snow a couple of weeks ago? I love to watch the flakes fall down and pile up, although the flakes were quite small this time around. I prefer the big flakes that waft down like little doilies. Maybe we’ll see some of those a little later. It is still winter!

I do remember that Christmas was quite exciting this year. Our whole family went to Nashville the week before Christmas to see Amy Grant and Vince Gill at their annual Christmas concert. We all enjoyed that. The grandchildren were singing and dancing along with songs that they knew, which was quite fun to watch. We stayed in an airbnb and had our family Christmas there, plus Poppy’s ninth birthday. She giggled her way through receiving twice as many gifts as everyone else.

Oh! In November we were blessed with a new pastor and his wife at our church. They came all the way from Kansas! Sounds slightly familiar. They now get to enjoy the rolling hills of Kentucky and Cumberland Falls and the original KFC. And of course, all us lovely people at church. And we get to learn a lot from a man who preaches really fast, but fills up just as much time as a slow talker. That means twice as much great pondering is ours to enjoy and apply to our lives! He and his wife are great!!

We’re in the midst of our five month birthday season right now. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Milo’s seventh birthday a week late because of the snow. And maybe a little of mine, which was this week. I shall not speak of my age, except that I fall somewhere between spring chicken and dinosaur. Loosie dog will be turning eight later this month, but she doesn’t know it, so don’t tell her.

I wish I had more to say, but I’m sure you’re glad I don’t. Happy Groundhog’s Day and Presidents’ Day and Leap Year!

Be Happy as a Moose!