Marching Through March!

March 4, 2024

Happy almost Spring! I’m still hoping for a huge flakey snow, but I won’t ruin everyone else’s longing for warm, flowery, and budding days by praying hard for my own personal enjoyment. I’m not that mean! So don’t blame me if the joyous happening happens. March is quite fickle all on its own.

Several birthdays are coming up in the next few weeks. Grandson Charlie just turned 12 this past weekend. The triplets I nannied when they were itsy bitsy will be 22 next week. I don’t even want to think about that. Then there’s daughter Erin the day before Easter, Bret and daughter Carly in April. I shall not reveal their ages lest I crumble into a pile of stinky angst. Good heavens! How in the world does time keep marching on? Evidently, it marches on second by second, so my deep, thoughtful, and intensely helpful advice is Get Your Buns Busy Doing What God Made You To Do! You’re welcome!

At this very moment, my buns are working hard sitting in a recliner writing this Doodle. I hope yours are doing something just as wondrous. My next bunish business should be working on a novella I started several years ago. Don’t even expect to see it on your local library shelf, though. It may never be published. I have issues with actually trying to make that happen. Oh the ANNNNGGGGGSSSSSTTTTT!

Let’s end this burst of Doodler poo with something wholly holy, shall we? EASTER IS COMING! If that doesn’t get your brain bubbling with joy, then you need to read the story! It’s the best happening that ever happened! Jesus died a horrible death to take the sins of all of us away, and then UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! That’s enough to get even my angsty angstness to crumble and shout PRAISE THE LORD! Have a joyful Easter!