November 15, 2014

It’s that Martha time of year again for most of us women in the United States. Time to break out in a sweat and go a little crazy! Yeah, people, let’s get this holiday show on the road and out of the oven! Shop a little, cook a little, decorate and spazz out. Shop some more, cook some more, spit and polish like Mr. Clean’s wife and decorate a whole bunch! Shop, shop, shop, wrap, wrap, wrap, baste and frost and burn the cookies, wash some clothes, travel around, go to potlucks, white elephant parties, concerts and church services! And don’t forget the cards and letters! Then it’s time to really SPAZZZZZZZZ OUT, gasping for breath as we fling ourselves into the nearest chair! (Yes, that’s one medium sized, unpadded kitchen chair–so we don’t fall asleep–for all of us.) And all this happens in our SPARE time. Really, if it weren’t for all of us Marthas how would anyone ever celebrate the holidays? **WE MAKE THEM HAPPEN!**

This year the Kuss family plans on downsizing the hoopla a bit. We’ll still be cooking and baking, decorating and shopping, attending events and wrapping, but on a smaller scale. The main reason is we’re all basically broke. And because we’re more scattered geographically, just getting together in one place for a few days will be the best gift we can give each other. And we also happen to be waiting for a baby to be born.

On Thanksgiving we’ll be grateful for one big weekend bash together before the countdown to baby Penelope’s appearance, sometime in late December. How cool is that? Christmas this year will truly be all about a baby! Anticipation leading up to the birth, wonder at the sight of such a gift from God, celebration of a miracle in our midst–what better way to experience the true meaning of this joyful time of year?

Until then I’m into my Geeky (Charlie’s name for me) nesting phase. I’m knitting a blanket and cooking food for the little family’s freezer. I’m praying for good health for the baby, an easy labor for my daughter, and an amazingly lack of winter weather. Since Charlie was born during the tornado outbreak of March 2012, I’ve envisioned the Blizzard of December 2014 as a part of Penelope’s birth story. No, NO, NOOOOOO! She needs a much quieter kind of birthday, like Jesus’s with a manger in a barn with cows mooing and lambs bleating, only not so barnish. And without animals. More like Jesus in a nice warm hospital with a midwife.

That’s it for this month. Nothing heavy and FREEing, just a little conversation with friends. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! The next time I write I hope to have a boring birth story to tell. If not, I will be SPAZZZING OUT for sure!