Wholly, Holey, Holy

February 27, 2022

It’s that Doodlishous time of month again, and unfortunately I have as little to say as I did last month, only without the piddly poeticism. I think that’s a word, since spell checker blinked nary an eyelash at it. My old brain is tired of trying to make sense out of every little thought that flits across it, so let’s just go into ramble mode for the sake of keeping this blog going.

For being the shortest month, February has seemed to go on and on this year. January snows turned into February grayish sludge and then cold icky rain. We took a trip to Arkansas to see Bret’s parents. They have now moved into a nice assisted living place, which is good. Hopefully they will become accustomed to their new lifestyle and enjoy being free from chores and cooking. Sounds great to me! A few days after arriving back home from our trip, I began sneezing like a bloodhound with pepper up her nose. A couple of days of that led me to take a Covid test, and sure enough I had two little red lines show up on it. Positive!! Woohoo, I got to avoid everyone for a couple of weeks! Except I couldn’t avoid the husband very well, so he just lived his life, AND HAS STILL NOT COME DOWN WITH VIRAL YUCK! He either has an immune system of granite, or his many years of inhaling formaldehyde while dissecting animals in labs have coated his nostrils with an impenetrable Teflonish finish. (Hmmm. Teflonish finish is rather poetic.)

And of course, this month also brought all the constant debate over the possible Russian invasion into Ukraine. Good heavens! Wasn’t it obvious that was going to happen with all the Russian military lining up on the border? And now it has happened and all those poor people are suffering for absolutely no good reason. Putin is a big evil Poot, and I pray this will bring him down and out of office quickly.

So you may be wondering right about now, “Why has the Doodler titled her brilliant February post “Wholly, Holey, Holy”? That is an excellent question, for which I have only one answer: it just came to me for no particular reason. But now that I ponder it, perhaps it welled up Wholly unbidden in my Holey old brain in order to lead us all to the Holy conclusion that no matter how mucky the weather, or how viral the nostrils, or how disturbing the news, God is Holy and Wholly in charge of this Holey Moley world. Yeah, that’s it!